Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection Live

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection (AWAHDC), a collection of documents from the National Agricultural Library’s holdings and beyond related to the legislative and regulatory history of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act (AWA), signed into law in August 1966. UMD Postdoctoral Fellow Kathryn Gucer is one of the key personnel that have spearheaded this project and worked to bring this important collection of digitized AWA resources together in once place where they can be easily searched and accessed.

The AWAHDC contains US government publications that fall into one of 3 categories: Legislative History, Regulatory History, and USDA departmental publications. The initial collection is incomplete, currently containing approximately 200 legislative and regulatory documents published since 1960. It will continue to be updated regularly until historically complete and then amended in a timely fashion as new documents are published.

The collection can be seen at Stay tuned as new materials continue to be added!

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