Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection (AWAHDC)

ARCLab postdoctoral fellow Katie Gucer helps to build, implement, test, and revise the Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection (AWAHDC) at the National Agricultural Library in Beltsville, MD. The AWAHDC is a full-text, fully searchable, digital library of US government publications (PDF) documenting the legislative and regulatory history of the Animal Welfare Act.  It is built in open source software, including Drupal, Timeline JS, and Islandora/Fedora. As of April 2018, the collection awaits the final stages of USDA approval.  When it is launched in June 2018, the AWAHDC will be free and fully available to the public. The following images present three pages in this website: Home, Advanced Search, and two panels in the interactive Timeline.


Advanced Search

Timeline: Introduction

Timeline: Sample Panel