Lab Members


Ricardo Punzalan

Ricky is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland iSchool. His research contributes to the growing body of work considering on the impact of digitization and online access to both archival institutions and the users they serve. He also works to establish the next generation of archival training and to create ways to bring the archival imperative to serve diverse audiences and communities. His website is

Current Fellows

  • Briana Dalce, BSIS
  • Lydia Spurrier, BSIS
  • Zachary Tumlin, MLIS

Former Postdocs

  • Morgan Daniels
  • Diana Marsh
  • Kathryn Gucer
  • Adam Kriesberg

Former Fellows

  • Caroline Hayden
  • Kerry Huller
  • Namratha Jagadeesh
  • Shashank Kava
  • Sheryl Mathias
  • Sohini Sarkar
  • Taira Sullivan
  • Arpit Chandra
  • Jennifer Proctor
  • Shivam Saith
  • Akshat Pant
  • Madeline Allen
  • Zijian Wan
  • Phil Nguyen