Lab Members


Ricardo Punzalan

Ricky is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland iSchool. His research contributes to the growing body of work considering on the impact of digitization and online access to both archival institutions and the users they serve. He also works to establish the next generation of archival training and to create ways to bring the archival imperative to serve diverse audiences and communities. His website is

Postdoctoral Fellows

Kathryn Gucer


Katie is a scholar of information networks, past and present. As a Postdoctoral Scholar at the UMD iSchool, she works on several projects in digital curation for the National Agricultural Library.  She is building a Drupal-based digital library of historical materials illuminating the history of the Animal Welfare Act for the Animal Welfare Information Center. This two-year project incorporates a user study and serves as a catalyst for NAL to review and revise its broader digitization workflows and policies.  A humanities scholar (Ph.D. Northwestern, 2001), Katie’s current book project, Web of Exiles, examines cross-cultural information exchange in 1582-1685, a taste of which can be had here.

Adam Kriesberg

Adam is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the UMD iSchool, working primarily on data curation research at the National Agricultural Library. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan School of Information in May 2015, where he wrote his dissertation about public-private partnerships involving state and territorial archives in the United States. For more about Adam, check out his website


Current Masters Fellows

Arpit Chandra


Arpit is currently pursuing his masters in information management.  He did his bachelors in computer science and is interested in web development. At NAL, he is helping with the website migration.

Jennifer Proctor


Jennifer is pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science with a focus on Archives and Digital Curation.  She received a Masters in Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh and is interested in digital access issues and social history archival collections.  Her work at NAL focuses on the User Experience of the i5k insect genomics project.

Shivam Saith

Shivam earned his Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and graduated in 2011 from Pune University, India. He worked for five years in the software industry where he got to work on different web development and database technologies as well as multiple domains including healthcare and social media. Currently pursuing his Masters in Information Management at the University of Maryland, College Park, he feels passionate about analyzing data to uncover trends and coming up with visualizations to aid in decision making. At NAL, he intends to combine his vast experience in software/website development with the science of analyzing data.

Former Fellows

Former Postdocs

  • Morgan Daniels
  • Diana Marsh

Former Masters Fellows

  • Caroline Hayden
  • Kerry Huller
  • Namratha Jagadeesh
  • Shashank Kava
  • Sheryl Mathias
  • Sohini Sarkar
  • Taira Sullivan